Turkey/Kars Republic district (Cumhuriyet Mahallesi) Part 6

By: Nurettin YilmazPublished: 11 months ago


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Fethiye Mosque,Kars:
The Fethiye Mosque in Kars province center was built as a church during the occupation of Kars by Russia in the beginning of XIX. Kilisenin 15-10 m. a Russian monument was erected in the south. After the liberation of Kars, the community was turned.
Fethiye Mosque is made of cut stone in a rectangular plan. On the eastern edge of Yap Yap there are two sections, right and left. In this section, which is ascended by a six-step staircase, gates are provided between columns to provide access to the interior. These sections have been made more movable by placing the right and left columns of the door entrances and the windows there. At the same time there are deaf arches here. On the western entrance of the building was added a roof with three windows higher than the roof. In the roof sections above the northern and southern doors, deaf belts in the appearance of alfalfa leaves and pointed arched sections that are incompatible with the architecture of that period exhibit an extremely moving appearance on the facade.
On the north, south and west sides of the structure there are more than 1 m of stepped sections overlain by roofs. Between the outer walls of the building and the roof, the roofs with four pointed arched windows were opened. There are four chimneys at the corners of the top hood, where they join the roof. The structure of the roof sections, the finished embossed ornamental lace circumferentially surrounds it as just below. Due to the coldness of Kars, a heating chamber was added to the north side of the building.
The temple of worship has been partly repaired and turned away from its originality after it has been converted to the mosque. The interior is covered with a wide ceiling and decorated with geometric ornaments. There is a balconies arrangement that surrounds the interior all around. In addition, one of them was carried to the place of worship in the appearance of a lodge.
Two pieces of minaret were added on both sides of this building which is used as a mosque today, on a stone pedestal, with round body stone and two honorable ones.

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