50 SUB SPECIAL!! | Whqn vs. Kqat (Hackusated?!) | 2v2's w/Kqat [READ DESC]

By: WhqnPublished: 12 months ago


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Thank you so much for 50 subs! I know it's not a lot. But for me, since I am a small channel I'm proud of myself for that. NEXT IS 100 SUBS WE CAN DO THIS!
Subscriber goal for this year: 750 subscribers

In the 2v2's tbh I don't know why I said 'the sweat lmao' I guess I was salty..?

Shoutout to Kqat as she is always supporting me and that she always participates in my videos! Thanks :D

Music: William Black - Daydreamer | Disfigure Blank | Janji - Heroes Tonight | Vanze - Forever | JPB - Defeat The Night.

I do not own any music used in this video!

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