Wembley specialist Olivier Giroud indulges taste for the spectacular

By: News - Sky ExpressPublished: 6 months ago


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Mind transfer, that seemed the best explanation. In the moment Olivier Giroud cracked open this FA Cup semi-final for Chelsea, he must have temporarily swapped brains with Eden Hazard. That would explain how the 6ft 3in Frenchman was able to dance through a compact Southampton defence like a man a whole foot shorter; first inside then outside, keeping his balance after being tripped, before adjusting his feet to poke the ball into the goal. As soon as the net rippled, the brains must also have switched back, allowing Giroud to celebrate in the chest-out, peacocking fashion he has made his own. So that’s one theory. Another is that for a man renowned for his functional qualities, Giroud is a dab hand at scoring exceptional goals. There’s the scorpion kick of course, scored last year for Arsenal against Crystal Palace, his movement like that of a man who had miscalculated a cartwheel in the most glorious fashion. But there have been others too. He has scored backheeled front‑post flicks for both club and country. He has a knack for setting himself up for a scissor-kick. Give him the sp...

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