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One day, a messenger from the Persian Kingdom arrived in King Akbar's court, along with a gift. It was a golden lion, placed inside a cage. King Akbar is elated and calls for a guard to take the lion out. But the messenger notifies the King that the cage had no doors, and it was a challenge by his ruler, to king Akbar, to take the lion out without breaking the cage. Watch this special and witty video by MagicBox Animation and find how Birbal saves the king from humiliation and displays his intelligence.

Famed for his quick wit and cheeky responses, Birbal is the minister at the court of the wise king Akbar of the Mughal Empire. Akbar and Birbal tales are a series of stories that enact the problematic questions placed by King Akbar and the witty response given by Birbal, along with his more than justified explanations.

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