What to EXPECT from Indian visit of Iranian President?

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In this video, we will discuss why India and Iran should start work on under sea gas pipeline.

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Hello Friends, welcome to Real Quick Info channel. Lets discuss about today's topic.

While there is possibility of some sort of new American sanctions being imposed on Iran in near future. On the invitation of Prime Minister Modi, tomorrow President of Iran Hasan Rouhani is scheduled to visit India.

Though for this highest level engagement in between India and Iran, the background preparation has been going on for quite some time, Yet this visit was effectively kept under the wraps for very obvious reasons.

Given that China is moving with alarming speed to convert Indian Ocean into Chinese Ocean, its rather a matter of necessity for India to have close co-operations with the friends in the region. Needless to say, Iran is one such partner.

You know, Ensuring timely seamless operationalization of International North South transport corridor project is certainly matter of shared concern, and discussion on this project is bound to happen. In short, this multi modal transport corridor connects Indian ocean with Caspian sea via Persian gulf.

However, Top leaders of both Iran and India are expected to figure out next mega project to take the bilateral relationship to next level.

We all know, despite years of efforts, Iran Pakistan India gas pipeline remained nonstarter.

Hence, Iran and India are expected to discuss the Middle east to India Deep water gas pipeline. This project bypasses the major bottleneck created by Pakistan.

The 1300 kilometer long undersea pipeline from Iran can bring Cheaper natural gas from Persian gulf to India. Therefore this pipeline may end up saving billions of dollars each year for India.

This pipeline will start from Cha bahar port and terminate near Porbandar Gujrat.

Interestingly, in this proposed pipe line Indian strategic friend Oman may also participate by supplying natural gas. Hence, Oman should also be involved and consulted since the beginning of this project.

But before that, India and Iran need to figure out if they should pursue this project or not.

Till now, this project has been part of white papers, the time has come to take some action on this project.

Given India is big enough market with rapidly rising demand, Iran and Oman should have no doubt in economic viability of this project.

We are quite optimistic about some announcement on this project after the meeting in between President Rouhani and Prime minister Modi.

For the fear of American sanctions, We can no longer afford to hesitate. We got to make a choice here, and stand with it no matter what comes in the way.

Undersea gas pipeline from Iran to India is project of the future, it’s time to set the ball rolling on this project.

This time around, America should better adjust it's policy, keeping in view Indian strategic relationship with Iran.

As per your views, As far as this project is concerned, should we wait till we get clarity from America on Iran sanctions?

Please let us know your views in comment section below.

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