The Magic Acadamy Ep 1 S1 "The birth of the Demon Princess"

By: Whats Up UnicornPublished: 5 months ago

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So on this episode they didn't go to the dorm school but on the next episode they did went to the school for now this demon princess and yes her name is Dominca and yeah in 7 years they became 16 years old and then her mother needed to move them away for 10 years because she couldn't have enough money to buy a big house she was working very hard but she got fired then she got new job but this new job didn't really get her that much more money as usual so she tried to move then away for 10 years until she can get them a bigger house but until they can see each other again but eventually she'll become homeless so the mother had no choice except to move her duaghters away for good, I hope you enjoyed the episode so see you on the next bye!

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