Zootopia - Try Everything - Persian (Official) +Lyrics +Translate

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Zootopia : "Try Everything" - Shakira - Disney©


دوبله فارسی(Persian dub):::

شهر وحش : "با من بمون" - یگانه رمضانی (و پیمان پروانه) - دوبله شده در "انجمن گویندگان جوان تهران(گلوری)"
Shahr-e Vahsh : "Ba Man Bemoon (Stay with me)" - Yeganeh Ramezani (& Peyman Parvaneh) - Dubbed by "The Association of Tehran Young Voice Actors(Glory)"

I Translate its Persian lyrics to English and I hope I do it right.I'm worry ,because my knowledge isn't enough for translating ,but I tried to do my best.Hope you like it.

Oh....and about MUSIC...You can download it from this link:


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