What is Science and technology in Iran?, Explain Science and technology in Iran

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~~~ Science and technology in Iran ~~~

Title: What is Science and technology in Iran?, Explain Science and technology in Iran
Created on: 2018-08-19
Source Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_and_technology_in_Iran


Description: Iran has made considerable advances in science and technology through education and training, despite international sanctions in almost all aspects of research during the past 30 years. Iran's university population swelled from 100,000 in 1979 to 2 million in 2006. In recent years, the growth in Iran's scientific output is reported to be the fastest in the world. Iran has made great strides in different sectors, including aerospace, nuclear science, medical development, as well as stem cell and cloning research.Throughout history, Persia was always a cradle of science, contributing to medicine, mathematics, astronomy and philosophy. Trying to revive the golden time of Persian science, Iran's scientists now are cautiously reaching out to the world. Many individual Iranian scientists, along with the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences and Academy of Sciences of Iran, are involved in this revival.


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