Divorce Iranian Style - Family Court Rooms in Iran - Documentary

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Divorce Iranian Style challenges preconceptions about what life is like for
women in Iran. The most startling thing about the film is simply that it was
made. The filmmakers follow the cases of three women who are attempting to
divorce their husbands. Although Iranian religious law frowns on divorce, a
man is allowed to claim the privilege without needing to show cause, provided
he pays his ex-wife compensation. A woman, however, can only sue for divorce if she can prove that her husband is sterile or mad, or if he agrees to let her out of their marriage contract. In the last case, the compensation becomes the bargaining chip: the man will sometimes give his wife her freedom if he doesn't have to pay.

The women are assertive, demanding, and persistent to a degree that confounds stereotypes of oppression. They challenge the judge, badger the uncooperative clerk for misplaced files, chew out their husbands and their husbands' families.
At one point, the judge tells a little girl (the daughter of the court stenographer
who has been a fixture in the court from the age of two months) that he has a
man picked out for her who's "not like the riffraff that come in here." The girl
has a more radical plan: "I won't marry ever, now that I know what husbands are like."

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