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This is pretty much laughable by any stretch of the imagination? Pretty decent graphics, for Iran...
New Iranian film depicts US Army in a ‘humiliating defeat’ against the Revolutionary Guards. An animated film depicting US forces facing a humiliating defeat at the hands of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards will open in Iranian cinemas at some point next month once it has passed the checks of the cultural authorities. Speaking to journalists, the film’s director has said that he hopes that the film will be a warning to President Trump about what will happen if he sends troops to attack his country. “Battle of the Persian Gulf II” is set in an alternative near future and opens with the US Army attacking an Iranian nuclear reactor and attacking strategic locations in Iran from the sea. The film then goes on to depict the counter-act by the Revolutionary Guards who attack the US warships with ballistic missiles. “They all sink and the film ends as the American ships have turned into an aquarium for fishes at the bottom of the sea, ” the film's director, Farhad Azima, said. Azima said that the film was not made with Trump in mind as production ceased before the current President affirmed his aggressive attitude towards the Islamic Republic. Instead, Azima said that he intended his film to be a counter to the endless Hollywood propaganda which depicts Iranians as soulless villains who are vanquished by the ‘good guys’ from the United States. But despite the fact that he said that the film was not aimed at the President specifically, he hoped that it would be a warning to President Trump and his ilk. “I hope that the film shows Trump how American soldiers will face a humiliating defeat if they attack Iran, ” he said. Since being inaugurated as President, Donald Trump has rolled back on a huge number of the progressive steps taken in recent years aimed at soothing tensions between Iran and the major world powers. Trump has made it clear that he has nothing but contempt for the nuclear accord agreement and has referred to it as both “disastrous” and the “worst deal ever negotiated.” He has even said that dismantling the deal is his “number one priority.” Tensions between Iran and the United States have also arisen in recent weeks as the United States accused Iran of violating UN resolutions with a ballistic missile test. The Iranian government denied the allegations and said that they were testing non-nuclear capable ballistic missiles and had not defied any international regulations. They claimed that the American objections were rooted in an attempt to inflame new conflicts between the two nations. Iranian political figures have also responded with distaste to Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ which has prevented the travel of Iranians to the United States. Spokespeople in Tehran have referred to the ban as ‘insulting’ and promised that their country would take ‘reciprocal measures’ against US citizens.
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