Operation Samen ol Aemeh - 1981, Iran

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Iran lifts the seige of Abadan.

They start with a feigned attack much further north towards Basra (off map) on 26 September 1981.

Meanwhile they have cross the Bahmanshir River in preparation for an attack on the Iraqi lines. The assault is combined with the forces in Abadan.

The units to the east are not meant to be used, but on the second day, 27 September 1981 the 92nd Armored Division make an attack towards Darkhovin.

The first day is given 8 days.

The first wave of the assault causes the Iraqis to retreat. Many of the units do not react and stay in their defences. The armoured units on the second day cause a general route of Iraq units as they flee of the pontoon bridge at Darkhovin.

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