Around the World in One City Ep. 3: Iran in New York

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Travel is so expensive, so Brian Hoffman travels the world with just his Metrocard in NYC.

Each episode takes him to a different neighborhood and different country where he explores the culture and food of that place without ever leaving New York.

Brian discovers a cuisine that is less known to most Americans but is full of complex and delicate flavors. Persian (or Iranian) food should be more prevalent in New York, but can be found at an amazing steam table hidden inside a generic pizzeria and at a cultural center that serves casual Persian bites alongside tea and events.

As a note, this episode was filmed well over a year ago before the Executive Order to ban immigrants from the country of Iran. At that time, I didn't feel the need to get too political - if the video was filmed today, I would have taken a bigger stand about the importance of this culture and its gracious people here in the United States.

And since the filming of this video, Cafe Nadery has sadly succumbed to raising rents and closed. Taste of Persia remains open and is better than ever.

Eat at Taste of Persia:

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