Iran One world government

By: zoroaster the great red dragonPublished: 6 months ago


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someone is secretly planning to utterly destroy you amid 2015 American joint constitution change persian borders from the beast in ecbatana where he was slain before ..even after the order of current successor ali khamenei ali khamenei is the current successor to the beast wounded,and his borders where and was given to the gentile nations unto the end unto the deal then they rise again of iron...who is the city and man that reins over all shahs/kings of the world? amid 2015 WHO IS THE purple politician shot caller ,Who controls the media, the police, the left new of old ideology and politicians?The current longtime Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei,politician of the human race has been issuing decrees and making the final decisions on economy, environment, foreign policy, education, national planning, and everything else who runs our internet who runs ebay and many others ..who has political say so on all these issues...who controls the police and is thinking to change constitutions amid 2015 adoption of ecbatana constitution schools ELECTIONS science documentary sex and science reborn. this is in the 2021 2030 iran deal..shah of the human race. after 2030 called after the iran deal all americans are to be in submission with the joint deal 2030 plan of action for americans .Iran american joint constitution change where america adopting these policies from the beast of the mark , America adopting constitutions policies science school election speech on certain of the people...targeted by of 2015 the iran american deal has taking a leap into the beast kingdom himself.what is his goals and policies for american ..after the iran deal, in this video is a glance of the agenda 21 2030 in the iran deal terms agreed upon by the assembly of experts and un on our side... the dame city the current successor to the beast sits in the palace is the first babylon iraq was an imitation of Babylon in Ecbatana the mystery babylon i have a video on that..

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