Pathiri | Nice Pathiri | Kerala Rice Roti ( Recipe Tips - പത്തിരി) - Ep#78

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How to make perfect Rice Pathiri / Nice Pathiri / Handkerchief Pathiri. (Kerala Special Rice Roti) This is a regular at my place. This video is for those who are struggling to make perfect pathiri / rice roti at home. With Ramadan approaching, I thought I will share my video with all my tips.This recipe yields about 20 pathiris. Make only this much if it is your first time. Then just double the recipe as needed.
Roasted Rice flour - 2 cups
Water - 2 1/2 cups (600 ml)
salt 3/4 tsp
coconut oil/oil - 2 tsp OR coconut milk 2 Tbsp
Rice flour for dusting..
For reheating the pathiri from the fridge.. Sprinkle a tiny amount of water and microwave for burst of 30 seconds till softened OR steam in seeming rich over simmering water..

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