Geyganak گیگاناخ آذری یک دسر فوق العاده خوشمزه

By: Ashpazi Ba SanaPublished: 1 year ago

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A simple and yummy to be prepared for dessert or breakfast.

flour (white or brown) 3 tbsp
egg 3 pcs
sugar (white or brown) 4 tbsp

add the eggs to the flour and mix until form a batter. in a pan put some oil and let it hot. pour the batter inside the pan and spread it all over and cover and let is fry. once the edges are golden turn it around and using a pizza cutter cut them into small pcs and let it turn golden, once this side golden, turn them around again and let the other side also gets golden.
add a glass of boiling water into the sugar and mix until sugar is dissolved completely. once the other side is golden add the sugar and water mixture into the pan and increase the heat. let the water to evaporate. mix it once in a while. once the water evaporated and it started to the get sticky, remove it from the heat; add it to the serving plate and sprinkle some cinnamon over and serve.


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