Iranian(persian) Lullaby / a textile dream

By: Sara NamjooPublished: 5 years ago

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Writer & Director :Sara Namjoo
Lyrics : Zara Tabatabayi
Music :Fardin Khalatbari
my sweet and beloved daughter
my sweet little and neat son
the sun is going down
the moonlight is in sky
its the time for little babies sleep
lalalayi lalalayi
you re my little almond nut
you re a laughing pistachio
your face is like the moon
and you are my flower on the pot
how you are sweet
just like sugar seed
lalalalayi lalalayi
chik chik chik its the rain sound come from the sky
dew sit all over the flowers and grasses
thanks god for this much of beauty
Tic tic tic the watch is wake
aunt frog lives in a pound
she tell bed stories for her children
they want to sleep and she knows that
lalalalayi lalalayi

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