China/Shanghai (Skyscrapers from the Bund-2017) Part 49

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Shanghai reigns as China’s financial and business center and stands as a symbol of modernity for the country. Last year, it received 215 million domestic tourists and 7.3 million overseas visitors and is working to increase tourism revenues by 70% by 2015. With that goal in mind, the city is investing $5.95 billion USD into a number of key projects.
The city’s focus on tourism has led way to the creation of some of the most beautiful urban landscapes in China. Here are five views you won’t want to miss on your next trip to Shanghai.
1. The Bund
Location: 475, Zhongshan East 1st Rd (Google)
Best Views: Pudong (Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai Tower)
Description: The Bund is the waterfront area along the western bank of the Huangpu River in central Shanghai. It is one mile long and all spots here offer amazing views. However, the spot by the wooden benches is probably a bit better because it is more elevated. On the other hand, when it has rained, it provides beautiful reflections of people.
2 Nanjing Road
Location: Nanjing Road at People’s Square
Best Views: Nanjing Road
Description: Nanjing Road is located in the city center, running in a west-east direction and is the main shopping street of Shanghai. Around 5.5km long, it attracts over 1 million visitors daily. At 7 pm all the neon lights come to life making it crazy and beautiful at the same time. It gets overcrowded, and by that I mean you’ll be part of a homogeneous walking mass. If you stand crowds, thumbs up. If you don’t, this is number one spot to stay away! Great photographs from here though.
3. Waibaidu Bridge
Location: Waibaidu Bridge ar Huangpu Lu
Best Views: Waibaidu Bridge, Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Jin Mao Tower
Description: Built in 1908 as the first all-steel bridge and the only surviving example of a camelback truss bridge in China. I was amazed by how packed this bridge is, given that the best views are not from the inside but from the other side of the road. At 7pm it lights up in a very beautiful way, having Pudong’s skyline in the background. Love the contrast between old and new architecture!
4.Yuyuan Gardens
Location: 137 Anren Jie (Google)
Best Views: Yuyuan Pavilions, Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Jin Mao Tower
Description: Yu Garden was first conceived in 1559 during the Ming Dynasty. The gardens suffered damage numerous times during the 19th century. Since they were opened to the public in 1961, this complex of pavilions and gardens has been an observing point of Shanghai’s changing skyline. Almost all the surrounding buildings have been demolished leaving this old structure alone in a concrete jungle. From the main square (where everyone is eating dumplings) you can get a few spots for getting the Tea Temple with Shanghai Tower in the background. However, the best views are from the pond inside the Yuyuan Garden, which has an admission fee.
5. Huangpu River Cruise
Location: Zhongshan Dong Er Lu 219 (Google)
Best Views: Huangpu River skyline (East + West)
Description: Huangpu River is a silent eyewitness to Shanghai’s history and its (crazy) development. Unfortunately, cruising on the river has become a must for most visitors to the city so it’s full of tourists (again, people who take pictures with their iPads). That being said, it’s a must do activity, especially if you only have a few days in Shanghai. I don’t remember the company name, but it departed from here. I took the night tour which departed at 7pm, and it was very packed but very beautiful.Wikipedia

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