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If you ask anyone who has never eaten Persian food before they always imagine that it’s heavily spiced, a lot like Indian food. And then they’re always surprised to learn it isn’t.

Persian cooking is made with a delicate balance of sweet and sour, hot and cold and the flavors are subtle and memorable. Quite unlike most other Middle Eastern food, Persian cuisine has a flavor all of its own. Often we take a recipe and “Persianise” it, like Spaghetti. We add what we think it lacks to create a better balance, or a taste that we prefer.

The ingredients used in Persian food are largely the same ingredients that food all over the world is made from and yet when we add spices to a recipe, it literally transforms it. In Persian cooking we use fruits, herbs, flowers and ground roots to create a delicate aroma and a rich flavor. Each spice has a purpose and is helpful in maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul.

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