Turkey/Kars Amazing! Part 8

By: Nurettin YilmazPublished: 12 months ago


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Lezginka/Caucasian Folk Dance/Kafkas Halk Oyunlari: Kars:
Turkish folk dances are the folk dances of Turkey. Facing three seas, straddling important trade routes, Turkey has a complex, sophisticated culture, reflected in the variety of its dances. The dominant dance forms are types of line dance. There are many different types of folk dances performed in various ways in Turkey, and these reflect the cultural structure of each region. The 'Bar' in Erzurum province, the 'Halay' in the East and Southeast, the 'Hora' in Thrace, the 'Horon' in the Black Sea, 'Spoon dances' in and around Konya and 'Lezginka' in Kars and Ardahan are the best known examples of these.
Lezginka: Lezginka is mainly performed in Kars and Ardahan.Wikipedia

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