Gaz Pistachio Nougat Recipe

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How to make Gaz in easy steps. Gaz Pistachio Nougat Recipe
1.7 oz (50g) Pistachios
1/2 Cup Sugar
1/4 Cup Rose Water
1/4 Cup Glucose
1 Egg White

1- Separate egg white from york.
2- Whisk the egg white until fluffy.
3- Peel the pistachios.

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Gaz or Pistachio Nougat is a sweet and popular candy in Iran. Gaz is originated and well known in Isfahan or Esfahan (province of Iran) and this recipe demonstrate the Esfahan style famous Gaz or Pistachio Nougat recipe.
Each Gaz can weigh from 25 to 50g. 3.5 oz (100g) of Gaz (Pistachio Nougat) has 293 calories (67 calories from fat) and... Read more
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