Iranian TV Serial - ایران فیلم مدار صفر درجه

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Iran TV drama Serial with English subtitles: "The Zero Degree Circuit" ("Madare Sefr Daraje") is an Iranian TV drama serial shown in Iran during Summer 2007. It's being shown on Iranian Satellite TV channels in Fall 2007 throughout the World.

IRAN: The Rising of a New World-Class Giant in the International Arena of Movie & Film Industry.

IRANIAN Film & Movie Industry: Conquering Middle East & Beyond - From Lebanon to India. Iran's establishment of new boundaries for its film & movie industry.
AS the real axis of evil (AIPAC+NECONS+ZIONISTS) is doing a good job in making the United States of America appear as a patsy of the apartheid Zionist entity & a senseless, destructive & deceptive antihuman military force of unlimited capabilities in brutality & savagery, and as the US forces target populated Iraqi neighborhoods with munition containing depleted uranium (SEE UN Site on this -- not shown on mainstream Zionist-controlled US media), Iran has engaged in a much more effective & cost-effective surge in its conquer of a huge geographical area far beyond the Middle East & Central & West Asia regions. From Uzbekistan & Tajikistan to India & Pakistan and from Turkey, Syria & Lebanon to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates & Indonesia, Iranian movies & TV serials are becoming increasingly popular among the masses of the Middle East, West & Central Asia, and beyond.
As Iran ("Land of Aryans") has been experiencing a grand resurrection of its cultural & political influence as the Central & West Asia's 4,000-year-old nation, the new Iranian movie & film industry has been working overtime in an effort to respond to the growing demand of the masses of the former provinces ("ISTAN's") of the Persian Empire for more of its products. Thanks in part to the helping hands from a psychotic & delusional Darth Vader & a former drunkard Cowboy with a single-digit IQ & speech impediment, the sharp decline of the popularity of American culture & its outlet (Hollywood) during the past few years has meant a solid golden market for the producers of Iranian TV serials & movies.
Today, IRAN appears as having gained the momentum of a giant in the international movie & film industry.
Iran's new popularity is chiefly the result of a profound revolution that has quietly been taking place in its post-1979 society. It is the kind of deep socio-cultural changes that one cannot observe physically with his/her eyes since it deals with subtle changes in the system of values, principles, ideologies, beliefs, and overall, how human beings in an organized society feel, view, and interact with the World around them.
However, there may be windows through which Iran's post-1979 social & cultural values & principles could be reviewed & analyzed. The present Iranian movie & film industry provides an excellent opening through which the present state of the immensely complex socio-cultural aspects of this 4,000-year-old civilization could be, in a fairly accurate & representative manner, viewed & analyzed.
Through this window, the view is chiefly that of profound human interactions & complex personal relationships set in human, social & economic scenarios as mesmerizing as the colorful patterns of their hand woven Persian rugs or the perfect architectural symmetry of their centuries-old blue-tiled domes.
Absent from this window's view are the Terminator-like characters who would conduct their simplistic but sadistically bloody and violent fight between "good" or "evil" with spectacular explosions or super-expensive special effects or the scenes similar to CSI's where the graphic showing of internal organs of the viciously murdered crime victim on a table creates, sadly, the climax of the episode.
Portraying complex emotions and feelings of love & compassion in settings where progressive ideas of a sacred kind of respect & compassion for one's self, lover, family and environment are intermingled with each other appears to be the main message coming through the works of the present Iranian movie & film industry.
To obtain a fascinating window through which these films & more of Iran can be seen without the misinformation & deception of the Zionists, search google for your local "Iran TV satellite" installing company. For under $400, U will have a 24-hour non-AIPAC-tainted English news, movies, and more than 100 other international channels with no monthly subscription.
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