Saudi vessel leaves French coast without arms shipment

By: shiawaves - shia news world servicesPublished: 2 months ago


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A Saudi vessel that had been due to load weapons at a northern French port on Friday set sail without them and headed for Spain, a day after a rights group tried to block the cargo on humanitarian grounds.
French rights group ACAT argued in a legal challenge on Thursday that the consignment contravened a U.N. treaty because the arms might be used against civilians in Yemen.
A French judge threw out that legal challenge but the Bahri-Yanbu set course for Santander shortly after minus the weapons, officials said and ship-tracking data showed.
The saga is an embarrassment for President Emmanuel Macron, who on Thursday defended arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
Riyadh leads the pro-government military coalition in the four-year civil war that has devastated Yemen, killed tens of thousands and left much of the population on the brink of famine.
Macron said on Thursday Riyadh, which he called a key ally in the fight against terrorism, had assured him the weapons the ship was to load were not to be used against civilians.
An official working for Jean-Paul Lecoq, the opposition Communist Member of Parliament for port city Le Havre, confirmed the vessel had left without the consignment.

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