'I think Iranian films and the Chinese films are really the best in the world today': Mani Ratnam

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Mani Ratnam says "I think its a very good idea, I think it is really good that we are having a focus on Asian films because I think some of the best films are being made in Asia today. You know personally, I think Iranian films and the Chinese films are really the best in the world today and some platform is required for the attention of this sort on Asian films and I am very glad it's happening."

Mani Ratnam, originally Gopala Ratnam Subramaniam, Indian filmmaker noted for his popular films in both Tamil and Hindi cinema. He made his first movie Pallavi Anu Pallavi in 1983. The success of Mouna ragam (1986; “A Silent Symphony”) established him as a talented director in Tamil-language cinema.

His work within the conventional parameters of commercially oriented cinema is characterized by experimentation in imagery, use of colour and lighting, and camera movement. Despite an almost surreal style characterized by soft-focus shots, flare filters, and backlit sequences, Ratnam’s art shows the heavy influence of Hollywood conventions and music videos.

Source: Britannica

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