New Burushaski Song By Alina Haikal&Sahib Sangeen Hunzai Presenting By GB New Songs 2018

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GB New Songs is the Gilgit Baltistan web channel which Comprises music (GB Songs )of Gilgit Baltistan.
visit our site. Beside the traditional songs of GB this channel will also provide the documentaries (Videos) that contains beauty of GB as well as news about Gilgit Baltistan.
You can found the following contents in GB Songs:
Shina Songs, Burushaski Songs,Balti Songs, Khowar Songs,Wakhi Songs,Chilasi Songs also you can found songs of jabir khan jabir,salman paras, zafar waqar taj,iqbal hussain iqbal,rashid iqbal rashid,raja babar, Nisar Chahat,Sher Khan Nagari,jan ali,Sajjad Ur Rehman Sajjad,Fayaz ur rehman Falak,Burhan Iqbal,Moshin hayatKhalid hussan abadi, Shahid Akhter Qalandar, Almas Eman,mansoor shahbab, rehmat ali, Abdul gafur chilasi and many more..
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