Garlic Naan Recipe on Tawa - Eggless Garlic Naan Recipe - Easy and Quick Garlic Naan Recipe

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Most of you would have ordered Garlic naan (bread) when visited Indian/Pakistan restaurant. Well now you can make it at home using this easy to follow recipe. Best to eat the naan within minutes of making it to enjoy the texture and flavour.

If you like to prepare plain naan as well then just skip the step of adding garlic/butter and follow the rest of the recipe.

Garlic Naan Recipe
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Butter Naan Recipe
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3 cups (500g) Plain Flour آرد سفید
2 teaspoons (8g) Yeast خمیر مایه
1 teaspoon (4g) Salt نمک
1 tablespoon (13g) Oil روغن
1 1/2 cups (350ml) Water آب
Parsley جعفری
Garlic سیر
Butter مسکه


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