Ancient Persians of Iran | Old Iranian | Luri folk music

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Ancient Persians of antiquities (Achaemenid Empire - territory of modern Iran) - traditional Persian folk music from Lurestan (Lurs are aboriginal Persians), Iran. Ancient Persian people - artefacts, clothing, weapons, writing and culture.

Luri is one of the purest dialects of ancient Persian language. The main musical instrument of Luri music is Kamancheh which is the old form of violin. According to the Encyclopaedia of Islam, the Lurs speak a form of Archaic Persian. According to the linguist Don Still, Lori-Bakhtiari alongside Persian is derived directly from Old Persian.

2:37 - Persian king Darius the Great (550--486 BC).
3:38 - Ancient Persepolis (Parsa) - capital of great persian Achaemenid empire (550-330 BC) is 70 km from modern Shiraz in Iran.

Made by Ukrainian friend of Iran - Ukraine and Iran - two great brother nations!

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