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If you are looking for a breakfast idea or any snacks that your kids can enjoy during/after school then try my recipe. The bread is soft and yummy. You can put anything that you like inside of the bread e.g. Salami, cheese, Cooked chicken and more....

You can freeze the bread once it cools down completely for up to 3 months. Simply leave it out at night for use the next day or warm it in the microwave if frozen.

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2 cups Warm Milk شیر گرم
1/2 cup Oil روغن
1 Egg تخم مرغ
1 tablespoon Yeast خمیر مایه
1/2 tablespoon Salt نمک
1/2 tablespoon Honey or Sugar عسل یا بوره
6 cups Plain flour آرد سفید


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