Falooda (Cuisine: Persian)

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Falooda could be called an Iranian slushie perfect on hot days. Crushed ice (frozen water and sugar syrup) with cooked rice vermicelli noodles and rosewater topped with fresh lime juice, strawberry syrup, sour cherry, or pomegranate syrup.


Rice Vermicelli noodles, cooked and drained
Lime Juice / Strawberry syrup or Sour Cherry Syrup


Heat water and sugar to make syrup. Leave to cool and then freeze for 24 hours.

Once frozen solid, place the frozen syrup in a large metal bowl and while slightly thawing, crush with a hard implement. When the ice is broken up - use your hands, wearing gloves, to crush further. Add cooked rice vermicelli noodles to the icy mix. Using your hands combine well so the noodles are spread throughout the mixture.

Add approximately 1 tablespoon of rosewater and mix through. Scoop the mixture into martini glasses and top with either, lime juice, strawberry syrup or sour cherry syrup.
Serve immediately.

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