Uzbaki Kabuli Pulao - North Afghanistan Specialty

By: Nooria AliPublished: 3 years ago

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Uzbaki Kabuli (Qabuli) Pulao is a popular Northern Afghanistan delicacy that is very Similar to the regular Afghan Kabuli Pulao but with a different cooking technique and taste. Its not as well known but tastes as good as the original. You can cook this at home and enjoy with your friends.

Kabuli Pulao:

Pulao Masala Recipe:
Cumin Powder
Cardamom Powder (Green & Black)
Black peppers
Clove Powder


Basmati rice (2 lbs)
Lamb Meat 2 lbs
Onions 2 x diced and cut
Red Raisins
Garlic Cloves 4x
Salt as needed
Pulao Masala As needed
Canola Oil - As needed
Cumin Powder

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