Iran NRC made Early detection method for Multiple sclerosis disease تشخيص زودهنگام بيماري ام اس

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January 10, 2018 (Persian calendar 1396/10/20)

Iran Neuroscience Research Center (NRC مركز پژوهش اعصاب ايران) official website

Our Mission
Expanding the destiny of scientific knowledge and finding appropriate and useable preventive and curative medical procedures is the basic conceptual aim of the "Neuroscience Research Center" of Shahid Beheshti University دانشگاه شهيد بهشتي of Medical Sciences Tehran - IRAN.

The NRC represents the specific areas of neuroscience research range over a broad spectrum within the basic and clinical sciences including molecular and cellular neurobiology, learning and memory, addiction, neuronal development, integrative neuroscience and both neurological and psychiatric disorders.
The investigators in the NRC contribute to a growing neuroscience research community through scientific collaboration, pre- and post-doctoral training programs, jointly sponsored seminar series and special interest groups.

Using and developing human science in the field of Neuroscience.
Setting up basic, epidemiological and clinical research with the aim of improving medical services for our community.
Designing a system for gathering, sorting and classifying scientific papers and documents.
Providing the necessary facilities for students to become Neuroscientists.
Being concerned, respectful and supportive of fellow researchers.
Attracting other powerful research centers and communities inside our country.
Establishing scientific cooperation with other countries and international communities according to the guidelines of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran NRC made Medical system for Early detection method for Multiple sclerosis (MS) disease
تشخيص زودهنگام بيماري ام اس ايران

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