Buttercream طرز تهیه باترکریم بصورت حرفه ای

By: Ashpazi Ba SanaPublished: 10 months ago


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3 egg whites
powder sugar 500 grams
unsalted butter 520 grams
vanilla extract 1 tbsp

Butter must be in room temperature and very soft

Sift the powder sugar and set aside. in a separate bowl, beat the egg white a bit. add the powder sugar to the egg white and beat until mix. add the butter and vanilla extract and beat 5 to 10 minutes until fluffy and pale. scrape around bowl while beating. after 10 minutes of beating you can add your desired food coloring at this stage. this buttercream stays at room temperature for 2 weeks. whenever needed, just beat it for a while and reuse it.

click the below link to see how to decorate cupcakes using this version of buttercream:

Recipe: http://ashpazibasana.com/recipe/professional-buttercream/
You can decorate it with buttercream.

clink the below link to see how to make a professional buttercream:

click the below link to see how to decorate your cupcakes:

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