GHOLAM غلام Official Trailer (2018) UK/Iran - Mitra Tabrizian

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GHOLAM غلام A British-Iranian Feature Film opens in UK cinemas on 23rd March 2018. GHOLAM is the debut feature from award-winning Iranian artist and filmmaker Mitra Tabrizian, in collaboration with Cyrus Massoudi.

The film brings together two of the most prominent Iranian actors from before and after the 1979 revolution, Behrouz Behnejad and Shahab Hosseini, winner of the Grand Jury prize for Best Actor at Cannes for his role in ‘The Salesman’.

Synopsis: Inspired by a real character, an enigmatic Iranian exile featured in Mitra’s 2006 Award winning photographic series Border, on Iranians in exile, Gholam is the story of one man’s search for a sense of purpose in the alien environment – a man with no expectations who has been through a revolution, a war and a change of landscape.

Set in London, Gholam is the story of an enigmatic Iranian cab driver, who works at night and doesn’t like to talk about his past. He has two jobs but doesn’t appear to be interested in the money. He eats every day at his uncle’s café yet is fully aware of being betrayed by him. It becomes clear that he was once a war hero who then disappeared without a trace. Despite the fact he appears to be a man with no past and no future, he becomes embroiled in a total stranger’s conflict which he’s prepared to see through until the bitter end, no matter what……….

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