Iran TV Serial: Ma Chand Nafar (A Few of us) - Eng Sub - 255

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Iran TV Drama Serial: Ma Chand Nafar (A Few of us), with English Subtitles. A Five-part Episode: 251 thru 255. Watch in order: 251, 252, 253, 254, 255.

In this episode, Sohrab, a talented young architect continues to wrestle with his heroin addiction. In previous episodes, Sohrab was kidnapped by a group of hooligans hired by Afrasiab. They held him for a few days while injecting him with heroin. Parisan appears to have fallen for Sohrab after reading his university thesis. Reza, Sohrab's university classmate and friend tries to help Sohrab out of his addiction with the help of Parisan and Sohrab's sister. Finally, Parsian requests the help of Sohrab's older brother, Siavash who suffers from chemical warfare-induced respiratory illness. Siavash is an injured veteran of Saddam+US+UK's chemical warfare aggression of 1980-1988 against Iran. Siavash, takes Sohrab with himself to Hoveizeh, Khuzestan, on Iran-Iraq border where he owns a piece of land which he is trying to improve and sell by clearing it of Saddam's military mines.

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