Indonesia 1967: American reporter for NBC speaks to a genocidaire in Bali

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News footage of American TV reporter Ted Yates in Indonesia in 1967. This clip was featured in the documentary The Look of Silence, but originally it was from the NBC documentary Indonesia: The Troubled Victory. Ted Yates died later in 1967 from a gunshot wound while covering the Six-Day War in the Middle East. Background from Wikipedia page "Indonesian mass killings of 1965–1966"(as of 2017/07/27): The Indonesian mass killings of 1965–1966 (also variously known as the Indonesian massacres, Indonesian genocide, Indonesian Communist Purge, Indonesian politicide, or the 1965 Tragedy) were large-scale killings and civil unrest which occurred in Indonesia over many months, targeting communist sympathizers, ethnic Chinese and alleged leftists, often at the instigation of the armed forces and government. Initially it began as an anti-communist purge following a controversial coup attempt by the 30 September Movement in Indonesia. The most widely published estimates were that 500,000 to more than one million people were killed, with some more recent estimates going as high as two to three million. The purge was a pivotal event in the transition to the "New Order" and the elimination of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) as a political force. The upheavals led to the fall of President Sukarno and the commencement of Suharto's three-decade authoritarian rule. The United States backed this new order 100%, supplied lists of people to be targeted, and never intervened to halt the atrocities.

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