Persians ( Iranian People)

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While a categorization of a "Persian" ethnic group persists in the West, Persians have generally been a pan-national group often comprising regional people who often refer to themselves as 'Persians' and have also often used the term "Iranian".
Old Persians were part of the wider Ariya (Iranian nation). Until the Parthian era, Iranian identity had an ethnic, linguistic, and religious value, however it did not yet have a political import. In the 1st century BCE, Strabo (c. 64 BCE--24 CE) would note a relationship between the various Iranian peoples and their languages: "[From] beyond the Indus [...] Ariana is extended so as to include some part of Persia, Media, and the north of Bactria and Sogdiana; for these nations speak nearly the same language." (Geography, 15.2.1--15.2.8. He mentions the Cyrtians, the plausible ancestors of the modern Kurds as one of the Persian tribes. Cyrtians, the generally accepted progenitors of the Kurds and Lurs. This makes Kurds Persians and not Medians.

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