China/Beijing (Skyscrapers in Beijing-CCTV Tower) Part 32

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Skyscrapers in Beijing:
This list of tallest buildings in Beijing ranks skyscrapers in Beijing, the capital city of the People's Republic of China, by height. The tallest completed building in Beijing is currently the 81-storey China World Trade Centre Tower III at 330 metres (1,083 ft) tall. The second-tallest building in the city is the Fortune Plaza Office Building 1, which stands 260 metres (853 ft) tall with 63 stories.and the third-tallest is the Park Tower, standing at 250 m (820 ft), also containing 63 stories. The Park Tower is the tallest building out of the three-building Beijing Yintai Centre, which includes two adjoining 186 m (610 ft), 42-storey skyscrapers.
The history of skyscrapers in Beijing began in 1959 with the completion of the National Minority Hotel.Beijing's skyline gradually expanded upward at a modest rate for three decades. The completion of the China World Trade Center Tower 1 in 1989 marked the beginning of Beijing's first building boom that lasted ten years. During this time period, four skyscrapers taller than 150 m (492 ft) were completed, including the 208 m (682 ft) Jing Guang Centre, which stood as the tallest building in Beijing from 1990–2006. A second, much larger boom began in 2004 and continues into the present, where twelve skyscrapers taller than 150 m (492 ft) were finished. Many of the skyscrapers completed during both building booms are located in Chaoyang District, including the Beijing TV Centre, Park Tower and Fortune Plaza Office Building 1, all of which served as the tallest building in the city for a time.As of December 2008, there are 895 completed highrise buildings in Beijing.
Another famous project in the city is the 234 m (768 ft), 51-storey CCTV Headquarters building, nicknamed "Big Shorts". The skyscraper is not a traditional tower, but a continuous loop of five horizontal and vertical sections, creating an irregular grid on the building’s facade with an open center. With 389,079 square metres (4,188,010 sq ft) of office space, the skyscraper will become the largest office building in China and the second-largest in the world, after the Pentagon. As of December 2008, there 45 projects under construction and proposed in Beijing.Wikipedia

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