China/Shanghai (Ferry across the Huangpu River) Part 53

By: Nurettin YilmazPublished: 1 year ago


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Ferry across the Huangpu River
There were previously frequent ferry services operating by Shanghai Ferry from wharves on and near the Bund. The most popular remaining ferry service runs from Jinling Road wharf, near the southern end of the Bund, to Dongchang Road wharf, at the southern end of Lujiazui across the river. A full fare ride on the ferry costs 2 RMB.
Huangpu River Cruise
Location: Zhongshan Dong Er Lu 219
Best Views: Huangpu River skyline (East + West)
Description: Huangpu River is a silent eyewitness to Shanghai’s history and its (crazy) development. Unfortunately, cruising on the river has become a must for most visitors to the city so it’s full of tourists (again, people who take pictures with their iPads). That being said, it’s a must do activity, especially if you only have a few days in Shanghai. I don’t remember the company name, but it departed from here. I took the night tour which departed at 7pm, and it was very packed but very beautiful.

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