Iran news in brief, May 16, 2018

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Iran news in brief, May 16, 2018
US sanctions target Iran central bank governor
The US Treasury targeted the governor of Iran’s central bank on Tuesday as the Trump administration ratcheted up sanctions in the wake of its decision to pull out of the nuclear deal.
Washington’s threat to impose the “highest level” of punitive measures against Tehran has left EU signatories struggling to keep the multilateral accord alive.
Iran general strike reaches Tehran’s bazaar
May 15, 2018 - Various sections of the famous bazaar in Tehran and the city of Kerman, parallel to gold retailers in Ardabil, located in the country’s northwest, joined a general strike expanding from the country’s western provinces across the country, protesting Iran’s plunging currency value, low customer turnout in the market and a limbo status regarding the economy’s future.
Workers’ strike in Arak, Haft Tapeh and Gachsaran
On Monday, May 14, the workers of the Heavy Equipment Production Company (HEPCO), Arak, stopped working for the second day in protest of the failure to get their arrears and their very harsh livelihood conditions and the failure to implement the deceptive promises of the government employer. The strikers closed the Arak railroad to Tehran and hung black flag at the entrance of the factory as a sign of mourning.
Iran cleric threatens destruction of Israeli cities
A prominent Iranian cleric threatened two Israeli cities with destruction if the Jewish state "acts foolishly" and attacks its interests again, while thousands of protesters demonstrated against President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal with world powers.
The comments by Ahmad Khatami followed a week of escalating tensions that threaten to spill over into a wider conflict between the two bitter enemies, who have long fought each other through proxies in Syria and Lebanon.
Trump Offers To Help Chinese Firm Sunk By U.S. Sanctions On Iran
U.S. President Donald Trump has offered to help a Chinese technology giant that says it's being pushed out of business by U.S. penalties over its alleged violations of sanctions against Iran.
In a move that helped spur a rally in global stock markets on May 14, Trump said he and Chinese President are "working together" to give telecom giant ZTE "a way to get back in business, fast," saying too many jobs in China were at stake after the U.S. government cut off access to its U.S. suppliers.

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