Kyle Snyder in Iran; David Taylor ready; Thomas Gilman makes the tough climb!- Wrestling Universe

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Wrestling Universe: News and updates

Nick Suriano and the boys getting it done in the
weight room

Tyron Woodley getting inked up

The jury is out, “is coach koll funny???”

The boise state crew ready to get it going at the
cliff keen invitational

Michigan grapplers tour the ufc performance center

Coach Sammy Henson intense as always

Killer Bi never backs down

Nashan garrett looks back on his performances

Kyle Snyder in iran

Zahid Valencia is the OW

Darian cruz makes his prediction

Brooke ence is
“working against gravity”

#1 Penn state tops tough in-state rival #5 Lehigh 23-19

Thomas haines seals the deal in lock haven’s upset over #11 RUTGERS IN FRONT OF A PACKED HOUSE #therise

Nick suriano outworks the competition

David taylor is ready
to compete

Pico looking jacked

#7 Iowa pulls out a close win over a tough opponent in
#15 Illinois 18-17
@iowa hawkeyes

Pat santoro gives his team props for a
hard-fought battle

Thomas Gilman makes the tough climb…very impressive

Chuck liddell gets jumped
by rodgers

Alec Pantaleo and Kollin moore named big ten c0-wrestlers of the week

David Taylor takes us behind the scenes with the world team

Felice is in the Christmas spirit

Coach goodale gets inducted into the njisaa hall of fame

Jason nolf is #1

Trump loves wrestling!!!

Terry Brands simply cannot contain himself

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