James Cameron Announces FOUR 'Avatar' Sequels Now in the Works

Whoa! Get ready to spend a lot of time on Pandora over the next decade. At CinemaCon 2016 in Las Vegas, James Cameron made a surprise appearance at the convention during the 20th Century Fox presentation. He was there to talk about the theatrical experience and how important it is to preserve that, but also took a moment to provide an update on Avatar. While we know they have been planning three sequels, Cameron admitted that they just kept writing more and more and now they are planning four Avatar sequels. The first one will be out in Christmas 2018, the next one in Christmas 2020, and the final two in Christmas 2022 and 2023. This is going to be one crazy epic sci-fi saga going head-to-head against Star Wars. Excited yet?

In addition to announcing the sequels, Fox revealed a new logo (above) and quickly showed some concept art on screen during the presentation. We saw a couple of underwater shots, and I've heard the first sequel is almost entirely underwater. We also saw some shots that looked like they were up in the air, around the floating mountains, with Na'vi jumping off giant rocks. No other plot details or info was revealed during the presentation, but Cameron did say they decided to make four sequels because they have so much material. After working with screenwriters and designers for the last few years, they came up with so much they had to keep adding more movies to fit it all. They talked it through with Fox, and now four more are confirmed.

There's certainly going to be a lot of discussion around this. Too much Avatar? It's hard to tell, these movies are still years away and we really haven't seen anything from them yet. You have to remember - it was until the last few months before Avatar 1 was released that people actually were intrigued enough to actually go see it in theaters. The rest is history. James Cameron is certainly a powerhouse and certainly knows what he's doing - so if he's excited to be working on this many more movies on Pandora, then I'm excited to see what he's been working on. I have that feeling we don't know much, and might be blown away all over again.